A husband, dad, ex-nuclear systems engineer, French speaker, CrossFitter and runner.


I'm based in North East Lincolnshire, on the UK's east coast with the best sunrises and fish & chips in the land.


I've photographed people for over a decade. Why a niche in sport & fitness? Simple, it's where the best versions of us are created and absolutely worth showing to inspire others.

My mission is to help fitness clients and athletes celebrate their achievements with photo shoots, and help fitness professionals amplify their brand through authentic content photography.


You might have a fitness goal to feel better, look better and move better with greater self-confidence... I know what it means to validate that effort with social proof because I'm on the same journey.

You might have a business goal to grow by helping others transform themselves... I know what it means to create a trustworthy brand with high perceived value because I'm building mine.


You could hire "just a photographer", or you can invest in someone who already shares your goals, understands your problems and knows how to solve them as an insider looking from the outside.